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to no one

you said you loved me
and i believed
i think the problem is
no one is sure what it is
to be in love
not anymore

i'm not even sure

and if there's one thing i'm sure of
it's what not loving seems like

and you did not love me
you did not love my ache
you did not love my soul
you did not love me
because you didn't know me

you did love my pretty face
covered in make up
you did love my smile
you did love my stunning self
the one i loathe to the point
i've managed to destroy
last piece of it

i'm not sure if i'll ever know what love feels like again
and i'm starting to wonder
if that's a curse
or a miracle


you don't have to pretend you care about me
or about my disease
i really couldn't care less

but what you cannot do
is make me think that you care
and throw me to the wolves

and the wolves did hurt me
the wolves made wounds in my skin
i'll never be able to recover from

but the wolves did told me
there is so much worse out there
and you cannot see it

there are wounds you cannot see
there are enemies you can't imagine
fear not

they showed me the way
while they were bitting my leg
but they showed me

and here i stand
in the land of nowhere
destined for better, for greater

and better is all I'll get
for I deserve no less


Hell or glory
I don't want anything in between
Then came a baby boy
With long eye lashes
And daddy say "you gotta show the world
the thunder"

On September 28 2017 at Belleville, New Jersey, United States 77 Views

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