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Artists From Brazil #1: An Introduction to Os Mutantes

Who are Os Mutantes?

Os Mutantes were a band formed in the mid 60’s hailing from São Paulo, and were arguably the most important brazilian rock band of all time. The trio, originally formed by Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee and Sérgio Dias, brought a blend of bossanova with psychedelic and art rock, heavily inspired by the Beatles, and broke pretty much every convention Brazilian music had been following up until that point. Among the band’s millions of fans, for example, are artists such as Björk and the late David Bowie

While most artists pre-Mutantes were worried about a clean, moody and ear-warming sound, the Mutantes didn’t care much for that, they were just making music for the pure sake of making it. In a lot of ways, the Mutantes could be considered the Brazilian Velvet Underground.

Their discography is made of 10 full length studio albums, but for the sake of keeping it short, I’ll only talk about their first three, often considered to be their best and most influential....

Full review:

♫ Os Mutantes - Panis Et Circenses ♫

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Avatar jeh_vias

Jeh_vias On 30/12/2016

Tão novinha nessa foto né? Hoje em dia a Rita tá no bico do corvo já... =/

Avatar isaloves2

Isaloves2 On 29/12/2016

Muito linda Rita Lee.

Eu conheço apenas as famosas dessa banda, vou ouvir agora, esse som.

Me sugira.


Avatar isaloves2

isaloves2 On 29/12/2016

Ouvindo o CD de 1968, adorando.

Avatar reghinnynha

Reghinnynha On 29/12/2016

Obg, John.
Vai passar ano onde? Está animado?

Avatar bibimimi

Bibimimi On 29/12/2016


Avatar ben_never_been

Ben_never_been On 29/12/2016

Eu adorava ouvir o álbum "Roots" de Sepultura há 20 anos.
Você já viu sua turnê de aniversário "Return to Roots" ?

Avatar johncolvin

johncolvin On 30/12/2016

Eu ouvia este álbum também!


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