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Cadeia não foi feita pra regenerar, cadeia foi feita pra punir !!

Ouvindo: Skid Row - Wasted Time

12 de Janeiro 2017 Brasil Brazil Cadeia Cleiton Tuge Facebook Fotolog Galera Janeiro de 2017 Ladrão Sampa São Bernardo SBC Vagabundos

On January 12 2017 at São Paulo, Brazil 282 Views

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Amoxenyte On 19/01/2017

remember - steel is made of molecules with elemental surprise. it just takes the correct kick out of forty to fifty to get a slight slither to peel and work to help make a weapon. I know' I saw a colored-kid kick a metal plate one time (about that many times) to get metal hinges to move and to get a metal bar to crack. Then Jack escap0ed a sealed wall to wall room in Austin Texas in 1980 before I faked my death to get free from some abductors that thought they could harm anyone they wanted. Correct Jeannie England - Sue - Julie - Neil - Andrew - & - Wayne?

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Anninha_sol On 17/01/2017

Oie, que bom te ver por aqui.
Seja bem vindo!

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