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I thought about many things that happened to me. In the end do not trust anyone, after so many years you mean nothing in the life of that person.
Life has reached a point without meaning for me. No matter what happens I will continue living for living

Trying to do the best every day |o/

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Ajaykumar21 On 25/05/2017


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Juan_cometa1 On 02/05/2017

hello <3
you look pretty you revery beautiful
you look beautiful

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Ashtonblak02 On 26/04/2017


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Aaronamyx On 20/03/2017

Like Pearcite-T2ac the rarest Silver on earth I found mined in four locations back in the 1960's and three of them mines are in a direct sequence on a map I discovered too.

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Aaronamyx On 09/03/2017

Sudden Strong Burst of light would get me to cover those pretty eyes too. "Don't let them shades wonder off in the morning. They might find you where you wouldn't want them too. ;o)


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