Avatar michale

Michale On 20/02/2004

another classically fab composition, lauratitian!

Avatar hillspan

Hillspan On 19/02/2004

Yeah, baby.

Avatar jkh_22

Jkh_22 On 19/02/2004

...and through rose colored glass.

Avatar grantbw

Grantbw On 18/02/2004

You make me see stars

Avatar eel_03

Eel_03 On 18/02/2004

n christmas_lights_in_feb log

Avatar anideg

Anideg On 18/02/2004

colors #1

Avatar liisa

Liisa On 18/02/2004

very nice, love the blue shade

Avatar zeke

Zeke On 18/02/2004

Such a cool shot! Love the faded old flag there.

Avatar jandolin

Jandolin On 18/02/2004

We know there is a corner there because of the different values of blue.

Avatar kandykorn

Kandykorn On 18/02/2004

& the just_plain_gorgeous flog

Avatar along

Along On 18/02/2004

n fence_n_siding_n_reflection too.

Avatar meadows

Meadows On 18/02/2004

really nice. you should post this to the `green_n_blue_n_american_flag` flog.

Avatar pixelmore

Pixelmore On 18/02/2004


Avatar hansen

Hansen On 18/02/2004

Good shot.. very cool!!!!congrats,=D

Avatar angelissima

Angelissima On 18/02/2004

blue is the color of choice today

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