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preciso de mais pilhas

Everybody workin' hard
'Til the yard is all clean
The dishes wash good
In the washin' machine
Now you brush your teeth
And you comb back your hair
You drive your vehicle
Like you just didn't care
And you walk into work
With the boys and the girls
And you're doin' it to death
It's the end of the world
Now there's everybody's sweatin'
Forgettin' what's on their mind
With your hand like a mirror
You can see what's inside
When you're down and out
Pounded and there's nothing that's real
It's like a plastic heart
Too amputated to feel

On February 17 2009 13 Views

Avatar heberstalin

Heberstalin On 08/05/2009

onde é isso?

Avatar naquelajanela

Naquelajanela On 17/02/2009

vixe, a foto ficou estranha.

a música de elevador é 'elevator music', do beck (nossa, que trocadilho fraco).

'put the elevator music on...'

Avatar naquelajanela

Naquelajanela On 17/02/2009

If I could forget myself
Find another lie to tell
If I had a soul to sell
I'd buy some time
To talk to my brain cells

Avatar belcanopus

Belcanopus On 17/02/2009

e eu de horas nos dias.


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