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Hace mucho que no subo nada.


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Cookietattoo On 19/02/2014

Мой друг, с новым годом!
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Summertattoo On 29/09/2013

Dear Artists,

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Reabby On 12/08/2013

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Tattoosupplycoco On 24/07/2013

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Cenja On 13/07/2013


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Ivytattoosupply On 12/07/2013

Dear customer

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Mily1987 On 21/05/2013

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Avatar xinyuetattoos

Xinyuetattoos On 22/11/2012

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Yuelongtattoo3 On 16/11/2012


My name is Crazy from Yuelong Tattoo Supply Co.Ltd in China, this is our
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Busytattoo On 23/10/2012

Hi artist
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Avatar mily1987

Mily1987 On 21/08/2012


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Avatar linkon123

Linkon123 On 13/08/2012

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Avatar aliatattoosupply

Aliatattoosupply On 27/07/2012

Hello, Artist,

This is Alia from Yuelong Tattoo Equipment Supply. We retail and wholesale various tattoo equipment with good quality and cheap price worldwide. For easy reference, you can visit our website www.yuelongtattoo.com or www.busyontheway.com

TM-537 USD$59.00/pc
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Bizarre Rotary
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Avatar yuelongtattoo2

Yuelongtattoo2 On 14/07/2012

Tattoo Supplies ,Shopping Global, One World One Price !!! Don't have Minimum Order!!
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Avatar yoyo_tattoo1

Yoyo_tattoo1 On 30/03/2012

Hello, Artist ,

we have newest Dragonfly and Swashdrive machine:

Dragonfly tattoo machine ---- US$80.00/pcs
Swashdrive tattoo machine ----US$120.00/pcs
Tattoo needles 3/5RL ---------US$3.00/box
Disposable tips 50pc/box -- ----US$1.60/box
Laser tattoo remover: TA-505--US$2500.00/pcs

How to order : visit our website,make a order list to me ,for example(TM-525 1 pc; TM-523 4 pc) then send to my email ( [email protected] )

if you have any questions ,please email me freely

Yoyo ^_<

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