Avatar hilaryduff_ps

Hilaryduff_ps On 26/05/2008

The perfect man, como me gusta esta peli. bueno pues, todas jeje.


Avatar hd_kriz

Hd_kriz On 05/05/2008

eit ke roshiO paso por tu flogO

espero ke andes de lo mas mejor del mundoç

[email protected]

soii de monterrei**^^

Avatar xx___hilary___xx

Xx___hilary___xx On 30/04/2008

me pasoo hermosa la peeq :)

Avatar frankmergerik

Frankmergerik On 03/03/2008


Aparecí en Minutos de Fama!!!

Si quieres ser famoso intenta subir tu FOTO,

haber si puedes.....jeje



Avatar hilary_duff_ztar

Hilary_duff_ztar On 18/01/2008

?..Holiz, HoLiZ!..!!
?..akii pazandoO
?..a ver ke aii de new...
?..koOl pic
?..iia te deje
?..mii rayÖn
• . * . + . * . * . * . * .
* . _/_ * + . .*.*.*.* .
. * ),"( + * *
?..me vÖii....
?..peroO regrezareeee...!!!
?..pÖrtate biien
?..i zi te pÖrtaz mal
?..me inviitaz..!

Avatar chick_hollywood

Chick_hollywood On 13/01/2008

me encanta la peli!!
pOsT mE!
hOy PIc de:
•KeIra KniGhtLey•
ESpErO k AnDeS dE 1O!

FeLix dOmiNgO!


Avatar sweett_hilary

Sweett_hilary On 13/01/2008

buenisima peli q andes bn

Avatar anny_09

Anny_09 On 11/01/2008

Nobody believes me when i tell'em that you're mind
nobody believes me when i tell'em that there's so
much you hide you treart me like a queen when we go out
you wanna show everyone what our love's about

You're all wrapped up in me whenever there is a crowd
but when no one's around
there's no kindness in your eyes
the way you look at me it's just not right

I can tell what going on this time
there's a stranger in my life
you're not the person that i once knew
are you scared to let them know it'syou

Did i ever make you wonder who was standing
in the room you made yourself look perfect
in every way so when this goes down i'm the one
who will be blamed you plan is workin so you
can just walk away your secret safe it such a long
way back from this place that we are at

And when i think of all the time i've wasted
i could cry

*aNa* flor-hilary

Avatar glamix

Glamix On 11/01/2008

so qro ver esa peliculaa!! ¬¬

Post me , pls :D
& add f/f ^^

Avatar xx___hilary___xx

Xx___hilary___xx On 11/01/2008

q hermosa pelii ^-^

Avatar linds_fabulous

Linds_fabulous On 09/01/2008

Amoo esa peliculaa !
me puse a llorar !
jaja !
Pasaas?Nuevo Log

Avatar veris_h09

Veris_h09 On 07/01/2008

amo esa pelii..

pd.5diias...dignity tOUr aii te bOi..haha xD!!!

Avatar mr_j_r_t

Mr_j_r_t On 04/01/2008

me encanto
esa movie!!
muy wena piC

a mis efes

Avatar ixlovexhilary

Ixlovexhilary On 03/01/2008

ella no puede ser mas perfectaa .
te vas a mis efes..
yo tambien? *-*
pasatee ;)

Avatar shakira_fergie

Shakira_fergie On 29/12/2007

holaa :D ^^

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